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22 May 2024

Project K: B1200 ZIP screens save and shade in style

Brustor ZIP screens are the best sun shading solution for working comfortably in natural light. And Konvert confirms it. This temp agency built an all-new building complex to house its new offices, finishing its windows with built-in B1200 ZIP screens.

The Brustor B1200 ZIP screens were specially designed for this contemporary newbuild. Rectangular housing made it a breeze to discreetly incorporate the screen into the windowโ€™s recess, while the ZIP screen technology-enhanced rails ensure it remains flawlessly flat.

When the new office building went up, screens for every window were a must. The magic number? 68. The screens help manage indoor temperatures without energy waste or breaking the bank. Even better, they still let in loads of natural light! All in all, itโ€™s a significant win for the company and its employees.

Matching screens create an especially streamlined look for an appealing aesthetic and high functionality. Colour plays a vital role in making that work. And Brustor offers a rainbow palette of RAL colours to choose from. Konvert made the most of it. It went for stylish screens in RAL 7034 โ€“ yellow grey. Verging on taupe, they blend in beautifully with the building as a whole. The outcome is simply stunning!

Are you also on the lookout for the best sun shading solution for your business? Contact your local Brustor dealer now.