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02 May 2023

Project MA: the B1200C ZIP Screens add an extra streamlined touch

A growing number of houses are going for a more contemporary look. Brustor’s B1200 C sun protection ZIP screens give your home that extra sleek finish. Take a look!

These homeowners were looking for an energy-efficient solution to control their indoor climate. But...they wanted a sun protection solution that would still match their modern white house. And that’s how they ended up with Brustor’s B1200 C ZIP screens.

ZIP screens that match your home

These screens feature a square housing and were specially designed for modern newbuilds. The housing’s design allows the screens to be mounted flush with the window’s recess. The side rails’ zip technology ensures that the screen fabric always stays perfectly flat. Consequently, it complements the architectural style and provides essential sun protection.

The lady of the house went for classic black screens, but our sun protection fabric comes in a vibrant pallet of RAL colours. That means there’s a stylish solution for every home. In terms of transparency, there are also plenty of options. You decide just how see-through your screens are. For example, you could go for a screen – like this project’s – that blocks heat while naturally filtering light in. Or you could go for a blackout screen.

Brustor has a solution for every home. Want to discover your style? Contact your dealer now!