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30 Jun 2023

Project MV: creating stylish shade with the B25 awning

Check out this project, the dream model for creating shade stylishly and efficiently. The owners chose the B25 awning to seamlessly match their home design.

Shade is trendy, no doubt, but it’s also an absolute must in 2023. Retractable awnings are designed to make enjoying great weather outdoors comfortable and keep indoor temps liveable.

Fortunately, Brustor customers are spoilt for choice with a wide range of awnings. You choose an awning that meets your needs and looks fantastic.

Choose the right model for an aesthetic solution

The owners chose the B25 awning. This awning is the perfect partner for traditional and country homes. Its articulated arms effortlessly expand the canopy for use and smoothly retract and store it in the secure housing when you’re done. And every Brustor awning is tailor-made. The housing comes in a rainbow palette of RAL colours for a seamless match with your windows and overall design aesthetic.

But that’s not all. Why not indulge in personalisation by adding a valance to block low sun, or heating and LED lighting to turn up the cosy vibe of your outdoor haven?

Awning housing in anthracite with a matching grey awning was the perfect choice for this countryside home. The awning beautifully blends in with the home and windows’ design aesthetic.

Not only does this sun protection solution enable these Brustor customers to blissfully unwind on their shady terrace – with loads of fresh air – it also keeps indoor temperatures pleasant and liveable. That’s two birds fed with one scone!

Are you on a quest for the perfect awning? Download our brochure and shop Brustor’s comprehensive awning range, now!