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14 Mar 2024

Project NA: Bring the outdoors in with a B600S roof

Customised solutions – that’s the Brustor way! Brustor always has a solution, whether you’re looking to create a new conservatory, keep indoor temps under control, or upgrade your current roof. South Tyrol-based Sonnenresort Naturno – currently making the most of a B600S roof – is proof of this claim.

A stay at Sonnen Resort Naturno is an escape to indulgent, luxuriant relaxation. And that holiday feeling pervades throughout, from the hotel to the restaurant’s ‘outdoor’ dining area. Ensuring guests always enjoy the magic of the outdoors inspired Naturno to upgrade their concrete roof. Ultimately, the B600S roof proved the perfect solution.

This roof is a louvered or fabric roof without supports. It’s incorporated into the existing roof to bring the outdoors in and provides excellent shade, light, and ventilation on sunny days while shielding unsuspecting guests from the elements during inclement weather. Consequently, the terrace is available all year round, not just on sunny days.

Our roofs are available in various models, from retractable (sliding) louvers and rotating louvers to retractable (harmonica) fabric roofs. Does that still not quite cover it? Brustor roofs are also extendible, just like the one you see here!

Immerse yourself in Sonnenresort Naturno’s relaxing holiday vibes and get inspired!