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15 Feb 2023

Project PA: Take shelter from the wind with the B200 (XL)

Infuse your garden with that holiday feel. The Brustor B200 (XL) patio cover with louvred roof makes it happen. The B200 (XL)? You customise it to your heart’s content. Discover the possibilities with this Luxembourg project.

The owner chose to install a B200(XL) pergola with a stylish anthracite frame. But for that extra pop, they went for louvres in a lovely Brustor white. The result is a contemporary look that flawlessly matches the pool. Essentially, this sun protection solution serves as a pergola and a pool house.

Choosing the B200(XL) was an easy one. The louvred roof is the Brustor range audience favourite and features a variety of options. For example, the pergola comes in countless RAL colours and diverse configurations. This Luxembourg home involved an extension with a coupled (extendible) B200 (XL); however, L and star-shaped layouts are also available. What’s more, you could add to your garden’s ambience with a stand-alone pergola.

Comfort and ambience

To give their garden oasis the perfect finish, the Luxembourg owner decided to equip their pergola with ZIP screens and sliding glass walls*. These ‘walls’ ensure that wind isn’t an issue so you can enjoy life on those blustery days. Add optional LED lighting and patio heating to the mix, and your pergola becomes a garden haven that radiates a cosy ambience... Morning, noon, and night – you benefit from bliss all year round. 

And that’s how it two Brustor pergolas are alike! You choose the model, type, colour, and features that meet your needs. Brustor takes care of the rest.


Colour: Frame: Anthracite (RAL7016), Louvres: Brustor white (RAL9016)

Options: integrated ZIP screens, patio heating, sliding glass walls*


*The glass in the sliding glass doors is supplied by a third party, not Brustor. Please talk to your local dealer to explore your options.