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23 Jun 2022

Seek out the shade & be one step ahead of the sun

May 27 is International Sunscreen Day, where we dwell on the importance of sunburn prevention by educating people about the importance of wearing sunscreen, seeking out the shade, and staying hydrated. Discover our three tips to outsmart the sun!

Sun safety tip #1: Wear sunscreen

It goes without saying that putting on sunscreen is our number one sun safety tip. Here, it’s important to point out that not only the factor but also the frequency makes a difference. It’s recommended to put sunscreen on at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and to repeat this two-hourly. Fear not: even with the highest SPF, you can get a tan. You just make sure that the ultraviolet radiation doesn’t cause skin damage.

Sun safety tip #2: Seek out the shade

Next to wearing sunscreen, shade is also of vital importance. This way, you avoid a sunstroke while spending the whole day in the blazing sun. An awning or patio cover is therefore a real must in the garden. Moreover, they’re also perfect to create a cozy corner in your garden. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Did you know that you can choose a valance with the B25 and B38 Awning? In that way, you can stay in the shade even when the sun is low.

The other patio covers have a louvered roof and optional zip screens, so you can choose how much sun, shade, and ventilation you want.

Sun safety tip #3: Stay hydrated

Make sure to stay hydrated, especially when you have forgotten to use sunscreen or been under the blazing sun far too long. Water helps to calm down and hydrate the burnt skin and considerably speeds up the recovery process. After all, a sunburn dries out the skin. Moisturizing creams and a good aftersun also work wonders here.

Bear these three sun safety tips in mind to make sure you’re properly protecting yourself and your loved ones from the sun. Nothing remains but to wish you a happy International Sunscreen Day!