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Brustor ZIP screens
Brustor ZIP screens
23 May 2022

Solar screens: the ecological sun protection

Screens are an excellent and very versatile form of sun protection. Not only do they keep your home cool during the hot summer months, they also provide extra privacy, keep insects at bay and give your home a clean and modern look. Do you attach a lot of importance to ecological and energy-neutral living, or do you want to install screens in a place where there is no electricity, then the Brustor solar screens, which are powered by solar energy, are the ideal solution for you.

Brustor solar screens op zonne-energie Brustor solar screens op zonne-energie

What is a screen?

A screen works as a sun shield and is mounted on the outside of your window to block the sun's rays before they reach the window. The construction itself is very similar to that of roller blinds but sleeker. On the side of your windows, guides are mounted, along which the screen slides down.

What is the difference between roller shutters and screens?

There are two major differences between roller shutters and screens, namely the light transmission and the design. Roller shutters always have a blackout effect, whereas screens allow you to choose the level of light transmission. You choose the type of screen fabric that best suits your needs. For example, you can choose a privacy screen, which prevents people from looking into your home but retains the view of the outside. A fully darkening screen, or something in between, is also perfectly possible. Another difference with roller shutters is that screens have a more modern look and feel. You choose the RAL-colour of the box yourself, which makes them a perfect match for your house.

Brustor solar screens Brustor solar screens

Ecological sun protection with Brustor solar screens

The solar screens from Brustor are the ideal window protection for modern homes with large windows. These windproof screens are a sustainable solution that uses solar energy for its operation. It is also ideal for spaces where there is no electricity. The battery of the screens captures the sunrays via a solar panel. The energy stored in the battery ensures that the screens continue to function on both sunny and more cloudy days, even on a north-facing facade. Another nice advantage: the solar screens are easy to install without any cutting or breaking work.

Brustor ZIP screens Brustor ZIP screens

Windproof thanks to ZIP screen technology

Brustor's sun protection ZIP screens provide the perfect climate control in the home. Thanks to the ZIP technology, in which the screens are attached to the guiding rails by means of a zip system, they are also resistant to wind and rain. This also ensures that the screen fabric remains tightly stretched in the guide rails year after year. The ZIP screens are available for new construction and renovation, built-in or surface-mounted. You operate them very easily by means of a switch or remote control, or even via your smartphone.

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