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31 Aug 2021

Sunny tips & tricks to make the most of your terrace

Now that the cold winter seems to be behind us and the sun is smiling down on us, itโ€™s time to think about how we will spend the summer. Because of Corona, it doesn't look like we will be able to travel again like we used to. So why not take a vacation in your garden? An investment you will enjoy for many years to come, no matter what the circumstances.

Brustor B200 louvered roof Brustor B200 louvered roof

Build the perfect spot in the shade

The sun is showing itself more and more, fantastic! However, your terrace and home can heat up quickly, making the summer weather unpleasant. With a terrace roof or pergola, you can solve this problem and create a cozy place in your garden to enjoy the sun and shade. Pergolas exist in many forms and shapes, there is a solution for everyone. You can choose roofing with fabricย or with louvers. A fabric roof can easily be opened and closed electrically, while louvers can be tilted into the desired position.

Brustor B200 XL patio roof with slats at the pool Brustor B200 XL patio roof with slats at the pool

Enjoy your garden during all seasons

The weather can be very unpredictable. Investing in your terrace is therefore thinking about the coming seasons and not just about the sun-drenched days. A major advantage of a louvered roof is that you can enjoy all seasons outside. Even at night or in cloudy weather you can create a cozy atmosphere. The B600 S Screen allows you to open the roof almost completely, allowing for maximum light incidence. The S-shaped louvers come together compactly, allowing the roof to be opened by as much as 87%. You can also add LED lighting, patio heating, and built-in screens for maximum comfort.

Brustor B600 S louvered roof Brustor B600 S louvered roof

Your favorite outdoor activity

Reading a book, exercising, swimming in the pool, or relaxing in the jacuzzi. Everyone has their favorite activity. In the right amount of sun or shade, you can fully relax and enjoy the outdoors. A golden tip: leave your smartphone at home and take a "digital detox" to completely relax. Want to get some ideas for your terrace? Be sure to check out the Brustor inspiration gallery. It's packed with informative tips and images for inspiration.