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Operation for Sun Protection

Control your sun protection with a switch or home automation, remote control, smartphone or tablet

The Brustor sun protection is equipped with a Somfy motor, which can be controlled very easily and even remotely, if required. You can operate our products individually, i.e. per room, with a wireless switch (Smoove) or control your patio roof, awning, conservatory awning or screen with a handy remote control. They can be operated individually or in groups using the multi-channel transmitter. However, you can also control your solar shading product through your smartphone, tablet or computer, both at home and from the farthest corner of the world! How does it work? You can set a few scenarios based on time or temperature, so that you always feel at ease, even when you are not at home.

WT, RTS and io

Somfy has two wireless control systems, RTS and io. Somfy also supplies wired systems, i.e. WT or Wired Technology, where you operate the sun protection with home automation or with a switch. Should you wish to operate your awning with your smartphone or tablet, you will require a Somfy Smart Home Hub. With io-motors, you can choose between a Connexoon or TaHoma, whereas the RTS motors only function with the TaHoma. The latter has a slightly wider compatibility and can also be used to control other brands, while RTS is 'Somfy only'.

With the io-homecontrolยฎ you are ready for a smart future! We bet you will enjoy your sun protection more and use it more frequently!