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Choose your sky! Join the trend of modular patio covers and choose what your roof looks like. Read all about our modular roofs here.

Straight or wavy valance

The fixed valance, ideal for the hospitality industry

Do you want to protect your shop-window from the low sun or create extra visibility by adding your logo to the awning? Thatโ€™s possible with a fixed valance. As you can print your logo on it, itโ€™s the ideal solution for the hospitality industry or other businesses such as the butcher's, the bakerโ€™s, or a clothing store.

All Brustor awnings are available with a fixed valance (optional). You can choose between a straight or wavy one.

Technical information:ย 

  • Available on all awnings, except for the B25 and B38 Awning
  • Different types of acrylic fabrics
  • Straight or wavy
  • Printing (optional)