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18 Apr 2023

3 fab activities for you and your sun protection this spring

Spring is a fabulous season for enjoying nature’s beauty and soaking up the sun. And with the right patio cover or awning, you can create a comfy outdoor space for making the most of the season. Check out these three fun and inspirational spring activities, perfect for your Brustor patio cover or retractable awning.

Zwift training under the Brustor B250XL Bioclimatic pergola Zwift training under the Brustor B250XL Bioclimatic pergola

1. Spin to win!

During training in Spain, the Alpecin - Deceuninck cyclo-cross team tested the Brustor B250 XL bioclimatic pergola. got the green light! Integrated ZIP screens and rotating louvres that seamlessly connect to the drainage system make this cover the perfect spot for wind-free spinning or a Zwift race. The screens keep the wind out, while the louvres provide natural ventilation and shade. What are you waiting for?

2. Enjoy a scrumptious Easter brunch with the whole family

Easter is spring personified. It’s the time to get together with the whole family in the balmy shade of a Brustor awning for an extended brunch and loads of tasty goodies. A fried egg, a glass of fruit juice, heavenly pastries...yum! And obviously, chocolate Easter eggs are a must, eagerly tracked down and collected by the kids during the obligatory Easter egg hunt. Bask in the spring sun’s radiance all morning from the shady cover of your Brustor awning. Bliss, right? By the way...did you know there are all kinds of awnings, each with its own advantages? Click to discover your awning style.

Having breakfast under Brustor's B27 retractable awning Having breakfast under Brustor's B27 retractable awning
Barbecue under the B200(XL) Bioclimatic Pergola Barbecue under the B200(XL) Bioclimatic Pergola

3. Host a garden party

Spring is perfect for inviting friends and family over for a barbecue. Create the perfect shady space for entertaining with your B200(XL) Bioclimatic Pergola. The wide range of options like patio heating, LED mood lighting, integrated screens, and Bluetooth speakers are the perfect ingredients for entertaining your guests all evening long in style.

Serve some refreshing drinks and snacks, light the barbecue, and stream some great tunes through the speakers... Your guests will have a blast in your outdoor space, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.


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