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14 Apr 2023

What’s your sun protection style? Your perfect awning in 3 steps

A retractable awning keeps the sun out on hot days but keeps your home well-lit and warm during the cold season. It’s definitely a must during those sultry summer months. But which sun protection should you choose now? We seamlessly steer you to the perfect retractable awning in three steps.

Brustor B27 awning Brustor B27 awning

Step 1: Get familiar with the Brustor range

Everything starts with your home’s orientation. Contact a Brustor dealer for a home appointment. Having an expert evaluate the situation on site is crucial. They pinpoint your home’s orientation vis-a-vis the sun and choose the perfect spot for an awning. During this appointment, they’ll also go over the technical options for mounting the awning to the façade.

Step 2: Consider the functionality and design

Brustor’s retractable awnings are equipped with a fully automatic Somfy motor. That makes remote control or smartphone operation a snap. Still, the articulated arms are what really count. Brustor offers three types: Standard, Elite, and Prestige. There’s no selection like it in the industry. So, what’s the difference between the three? It’s all about wind resistance and resilience. The awnings meet their category's European resistance to wind load standard (EN 13561).

But don’t forget design. That’s another key factor. There are several awning housing models to choose from. Rectangular, rounded or oval cassettes with a traditional or contemporary design... There’s a sunshade for every architectural style.

Tip: the Brustor B27’s cassette can even be flush-mounted into the façade.

Want to know more about our Standard, Elite, and Prestige lines? Keep reading!


Step 3: Personalisation

Available in a range of models and designs, all awnings are made to measure. Take your pick of awning fabric from a range of high-quality, weatherproof acrylic fabrics that come in a rainbow palette of textures and colours. You can put a personal touch on your awning with mood lighting, heating, and handy sensors.

Ready to live your best life with a retractable awning this summer?