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24 Feb 2023

Why choose an awning: all the advantages at a glance

A retractable awning or a folding arm awning is one of the most classic and excellent forms of sun protection. Outdated? An awning certainly isn't. With the latest technologies and designs, you can choose an awning that fits your home and needs perfectly. Both in terms of function and style, there are many possibilities. Let’s briefly discuss all the advantages.

Bistro L'Echiquier with Brustor B35 Awning: Fabric: Noir 6028 | Housing: RAL 9005 Bistro L'Echiquier with Brustor B35 Awning: Fabric: Noir 6028 | Housing: RAL 9005

1. An awning creates shade

Of course, the main function of an awning is to create a cool spot where you can enjoy your garden or patio during sunny days. In addition to creating shade, an awning offers a few other benefits. A retractable awning is mounted on the facade. Using two arms, the awning is rolled out of its cassette horizontally. A folding arm awning can be easily slid in and out. One of the main benefits is that you can block the sun on hot days, but retain a maximum of light during the cooler months by closing the awning.

2. An awning brings atmosphere and function

An awning does not only protect you from the sun. It also ensures that you can enjoy the wonderful, warm days of summer carefree. An awning is often used as an extension of your home.  You can furnish the space under your awning to suit your favorite activity: a nice lounge to relax in, a dining area, barbecue area, or outdoor kitchen. There are countless possibilities. For ease of use, articulated awnings can be completely operated remotely with a remote control or your smartphone.

Brustor B24 folding arm awning Brustor B24 folding arm awning

3. Brustor awnings are fully customisable to your style and home

Thanks to new technologies, your awning will fit your home perfectly. Brustor offers different types of awnings for every home. For example, you can choose the design of your cassette: do you prefer a rounded model or a sleek square model? In addition, you can match the color of your awning to the color of your windows. You can also choose the fabric yourself, there is a large choice between different RAL colors and types of fabric. Finally, you can equip your awning with LED lighting, heating, or a valance to block out the sun even more.

Brustor B27 awning with lighting Brustor B27 awning with lighting

Would you like to enjoy your garden to the fullest this summer?