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Brustor B25 Valance Awning
20 Sep 2021

Awning with valance: even better protected against low sun

Although we often long for the beautiful summer days, hot temperatures often spoil the fun. Sitting outside in the evening can also become unpleasant because of the low sun. That is why it is important to create a shaded area outside where you can spend your time optimally even on the hottest days. Making the most of summer and your terrace? It is possible with the right sun protection!

Create the ideal shade with an awning

A folding arm awning is a classic but very effective form of sun protection. A retractable awning is always mounted on the facade of your home. When closed, the awning is stored nicely in the case. When it is very sunny, you can open the awning with one push of the button and create instant shade! This way, you can enjoy the cooling shade on hot days, but retain maximum light in your home when it is cloudy.

BRUSTOR B25 awning BRUSTOR B25 awning
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Extra privacy and protection from the low sun

Is your house southwest facing and does the low sun bother you? Then you can opt for an awning with a valance. A valance is an extra piece of fabric mounted on the front frame of your awning. A sunscreen with valance has a double function: it blocks the low sun and provides extra privacy. The contact with the garden is not lost, because the valance does not block the view to the outside. At Brustor, you can choose between a fixed valance or a motorized one.

Brustor B38 Valance awning Brustor B38 Valance awning

Awning with motorized valance

A motorized valance is an extra piece of retractable fabric that is discreetly built into the front frame of your awning. The valance rolls out electrically with a maximum height of 1.5 meters and is provided with extra weight at the bottom so that it hangs straight even in the wind. When closed, a motorized valance disappears completely into the front rail of your awning. Brustor offers two types of motorized awnings: the B25 valance awning and the B38.

BRUSTOR B35 valance awning BRUSTOR B35 valance awning

The Brustor B25 valance awning

The Brustor B25 valance awning is the absolute favorite and the best-selling retractable anwning in our range. The B25 has a fully closed and very compact case. The compact, slightly rounded design allows this awning to fit on any facade, and the valance provides extra comfort and protection. Like our other awnings, the B25 valance awning is equipped with a Somfy motor and is very user-friendly. The awning is easy to operate with a remote control or simply with your smartphone or tablet.

Brustor B38_valance awning Brustor B38_valance awning

The Brustor B38

The B38 folding arm awning provides maximum shade thanks to its retractable valance. The electric valance provides perfect protection against the low sun and offers extra privacy. The Somfy motor with accompanying wireless transmitter operate both the awning and valance, and optionally the built-in LED lighting and electric heating.

Awning with fixed valance

The fixed valance, as the name suggests, cannot be rolled up. This type of awning is particularly suitable for the hospitality industry or other businesses such as butchers, bakers, and other shops that wish to protect their shop windows from the sun. You can choose between a straight or a wavy valance. Printing is also possible, so that your logo is visible from afar, for example. All Brustor awnings are available with an optional fixed valance.

BRUSTOR B35 valance awning BRUSTOR B35 valance awning

Customize to your taste

A valance is not the only option you can choose when buying an awning. On the contrary, you can fully customize your awning to your taste and home. Choose the RAL color of the cassette and the arms to match the color of your windows. You can also choose the type and color of the fabric yourself. With optional integrated LED lighting in the arm or cassette and patio heating, you can enjoy the outdoor life until late at night.

Brustor B27 retractable awning with LED ©Carribean Blinds Brustor B27 retractable awning with LED ©Carribean Blinds