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Our articulated arms make the difference

Brustor offers three different types of folding arms: Standard, Elite and Prestige. This choice within the awning range is unique in the industry. Are you wondering what the difference is between these versions? Well, wind resistance, sturdiness and various lighting options!

ย ย led onder kast


The Standard arm has a cast iron elbow and has two steel cables. The arm is resistant to wind speeds up to 39 km / hour (5 Beaufort) and can only be equipped with lighting under the housing. With this basic model, the maximum projection is limited to three meters.

The Standard arm is available for the B20/21, B25, B27,ย B50ย and B50S.

Led arm


Like the standard version, the Elite arm has a cast-iron elbow, but it has four powerful steel cables instead of two. The maximum projection is 3.75 meters. With this version, it is possible to mount a LED strip over the entire length, dimmable or not.

Choose Elite arms for the awnings B24 Elite, B25, B25 valance, B27, B35, B38 and B50 XL.

Spot elleboog


The Prestige arm is the sturdiest of the three versions. The elbow is made of wrought iron, it also has four steel cables and the arm has thicker edges. Folding arm awnings with Prestige arms effortlessly withstand gusts of wind up to 49 km / h (6 Beaufort). For lighting options, you can choose a LED spot in the elbows. Just like the elite arms, it is also possible to mount a LED strip over the entire length, dimmable or not. In addition, all RAL colours are included in the price for this version.


All Brustor articulated arm awnings have a Somfy motor with io or RTS as standard and are very easy to operate. Thanks to the Somfy Connexoon or Tahoma, you can operate them remotely with your smartphone or tablet.ย 

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