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30 Jan 2023

3 reasons why sun protection is a must

Sun protection is a hot topic. Temperatures have spiked significantly in recent years, and energy consumption has become far more than just a passing interest. Consequently, sun protection is a topic that’s here to stay. Why specifically? Brustor shares 3 reasons.

B1200 Zip Screen voor de ideale zonwering B1200 Zip Screen voor de ideale zonwering

1. An affordable way to cool your home

Temperatures are rising, and the unbearable heat makes it nigh impossible for many people to cool their homes in the summer. Sun protection ZIP screens solve that issue. Whether flush or wall-mounted, sun protection screens prevent the sun’s harsh rays from ever hitting your windows. Consequently, that massively cuts down on the risk of overheating, and there’s less need to rely on active cooling like air conditioning. Bonus: sun protection solutions are more energy and cost-efficient.

Brustor ZIP screens are available in a wide range. Choose between various degrees of transparency and a rainbow palette of RAL colours for the canvas (sun protection fabric). For instance, you could go for a blackout screen or one that lets light in. All these options let you do things your way. Imagine screens in perfect harmony with your home’s look and feel.

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2. Plenty of patio shade

Sunny weather entices us all to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Sadly, the effects of the sun’s rays occasionally prevent us from doing just that. But with a Brustor sun protection solution, you can create plenty of shade on your patio, enough to enjoy all day long.

Retractable awnings genuinely elevate your standard of living: that’s a fact. On top of creating a comfortable space where you get the most out of the outdoors, you also safeguard your home from the sun. Like ZIP screens, awnings help foster a pleasant indoor climate.

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Brustor B27 terrace awning Brustor B27 terrace awning
B250 XL: Frame: 7022 ST | Louvers: 7022ST B250 XL: Frame: 7022 ST | Louvers: 7022ST

3. Making the most of all your space

An extension with a louvred, canvas or permanent patio cover also provides a cosy, shady haven. Another advantage? You can also equip your pergola with integrated ZIP screens. These screens block the low-level sun and keep the wind at bay. It’s the perfect way to extend that indoor feel outdoors, making the most of all your space. And with optional LED lighting and patio heating, you could even comfortably while away the hours until late into the night.

Brustor patio covers are also available as stand-alone structures. Picture creating a garden oasis, your place to completely unwind, regardless of the weather.

Convinced? Make an appointment at your local Brustor dealer now to find your perfect sun protection solution.

Brustor Sun Protection Brochure

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