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24 Jun 2022

5 tips to transform your garden into a haven of peace

The sun is finally out and summer vacation is just around the corner. Turn off the television and light up the barbecue, because it’s time to enjoy those balmy summer evenings with your friends and family. And with these five tips, you’ll transform your garden into a true haven of peace.

Tip #1: Provide awnings

During those long summer days, all you want to do is enjoy your garden as long as possible: from early in the morning until late at night. But at solar noon, it’s hard not to flee inside. And that's when awnings come in handy! With a retractable awning or patio cover, you easily create a spot where you can enjoy the blazing sun.

Brustor B27 terrace awning Brustor B27 terrace awning

A retractable awning is just perfect to turn your attached sun terrace into a well-shaded place in no time. Especially in a smaller garden, as it takes up little space. With a simple press on the button, you open the retractable awning and instantly enjoy shade.

Brustor B250 XL Louvered pergola Brustor B250 XL Louvered pergola

Do you have more space and really like to imitate a sun lounge? Then you should definitely go for a louvered roof pergola. A pergola can either be placed in the garden or attached to the house. By playing with the position of the louvers, you precisely choose how much sun or shadow you want to let through. Did you know that you can also add screens to keep out the wind? In that way, you can enjoy the outdoors in even more comfort.

Tip #2: Add some atmospheric lighting

Spending the evening in a dark garden is anything but pleasant. Often, the light from inside the house isn’t enough to illuminate the garden. That’s why dimmable outdoor lights are the way to go. Because warm light is much cozier, right?

If you want a patio cover or awning in your garden, then it’s often possible to integrate dimmable lights into it. Learn how to create the perfect lighting on your patio in three steps. An atmospheric spot in your garden guaranteed!

Brustor B200 (XL) Louvered roof pergola Brustor B200 (XL) Louvered roof pergola

Tip #3: Bypass fresher evenings with patio heaters

In our minds, summer evenings are always balmy. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Mostly, it cools down pretty quickly and we need to flee inside where it’s comfortably warm. A shame, because even on chilly evenings, it can be lovely to sit outside.

With patio heaters, you can enjoy the outdoors from early in the morning until late at night. It’s child’s play to adjust the heating – not only the temperature, but also the lighting. And when you install a patio heater under your awning or pergola, you can keep the heat inside when closing the screens. In that way, you’re better protected against unpleasant weather.

B250 XL: Frame: 7022 ST | Louvers: 7022ST B250 XL: Frame: 7022 ST | Louvers: 7022ST
B25 in bloeiende tuin B25 in bloeiende tuin

Tip #4: Become one with nature

It’s generally known that we feel more relaxed in nature. That’s why you should definitely integrate all kinds of plants in your garden: grass, trees, flowers, ornamental grasses, shrubs, fruit ... Its beautiful view will take your mind off things. Choose what you like and what you find easy to maintain, and your garden will be a gem. Pinky promise!

By the way, did you know that it has been proven that water too has a calming effect? Therefore, a (swimming) pond or pool is ideal. And it also has the great advantage that you can refresh yourself when the temperatures are soaring.

Brustor B200 (XL) louvered roof pergola ©Carribean Blinds (Anthracite) Brustor B200 (XL) louvered roof pergola ©Carribean Blinds (Anthracite)

Tip #5: Choose cozy garden furniture

Spending an entire evening at table can be nice, but many prefer to install a comfy lounge area in their garden. Because what can be done inside, can also be done outside. Cozy garden furniture is therefore indispensable. It makes sitting outside more appealing, offers peace and quiet, and is the ideal place to spend a lovely evening with friends and family.

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