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Brustor B150 pergola met geïntegreerde ledverlichting
Brustor B150 pergola met geïntegreerde ledverlichting
10 Oct 2022

Create the perfect lighting on your patio in 3 steps

Autumn is slowly arriving and the sun is setting a little earlier every day. Even after sunset, we want to spend time outdoors. Making the most of your outdoor space and enjoying the company of friends after sunset is even more pleasant with the right lighting. Create the perfect atmosphere and enjoy your outdoor space until the late hours with our three tips for atmospheric lighting of your pergola or awning.

Why add decorative lighting to your patio roof?

Lighting on your patio is not only functional, but it also creates a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, there is no need for additional lighting in your garden if you equip your patio cover or articulated awning with built-in lighting. Brustor patio roofs and awnings come with a wide range of durable LED lighting that you can fully personalize according to your needs.

The ideal lighting in 3 steps

1. Where to install lighting?

Both patio covers and awnings offer various lighting options. Depending on the type of patio covering, LED lighting can be installed in the pillars, the frame, the structure, or the louvers. LED spots in the structure or in the gutters are also an option.

In this useful table, you will find which patio roof can be fitted with which type of lighting.

For awnings, there are several lighting options as well: a LED strip under the cassette or in the entire arm, a spotlight in the elbow, or LED in the awning box. The possibilities also depend on the type of awning. 

More information about atmospheric lighting for awnings can be found here.

So there are many possibilities to equip your patio roof or awning with lighting. We recommend choosing both atmospheric and functional lighting so that there is a suitable light for every occasion. Extra tip: a LED strip under the cassette of an awning can also be used when the awning is closed. This way, you also have ideal terrace lighting.

Brustor B200 XL louvered roof with LED lighting Brustor B200 XL louvered roof with LED lighting

2. Warm vs cold light

Now you can choose the color and intensity of your lighting. Brustor covers are available with RGB LED lighting in a wide range of colors. The most popular lighting, however, is plain "white" light. But even in white light, there are different nuances.

The whiteness of light is expressed in degrees Kelvin. The higher the value, the whiter the light. This varies in value between warm white and neutral white. The light value of the Brustor LED lighting is closer to neutral white (3,500°) than to warm white (2,750°). Warm light gives a yellowish, cozy glow and is especially soothing. It is closest to candlelight and creates little contrast. Warm light is therefore ideal for atmospheric lighting, but it is less pleasant for reading, for example. Cold light is particularly good for increasing productivity and is used mainly in offices and work environments.  Neutral light lies in between and is often used as lighting in living rooms, for example.

Brustor B27 awning with integrated LED lighting ©Caribbean Blinds Brustor B27 awning with integrated LED lighting ©Caribbean Blinds

3. Design

The great advantage of lighting in your awning or patio roof is that the lighting is beautifully incorporated into the structure. It forms a beautiful and sleek ensemble without visible screws or wiring. Moreover, the lighting is easy to operate via remote control, smartphone, or tablet.

Brustor B128 pergola with LED lighting Brustor B128 pergola with LED lighting

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