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Enjoy being outdoors for longer thanks to atmospheric, durable and economical LED lighting

There are also a number of attractive LED lighting options for the Brustor folding arm awnings. The LED lighting can be installed under almost any folding arm awning and may even illuminate your terrace when the awning is closed.

Brustor B27 folding arm awning Brustor B27 folding arm awning

You have a choice of lighting at the bottom of the cassette, with the elite versions you have the option to integrate LED lighting in the upper and lower arm and with the prestige models you can choose LED spots in the elbow of the folding arms. When night falls, turn on the mood lighting at the touch of a button. The cozy glow provides the ideal conditions to stay outside until the early hours.

Curious which lighting belongs to which folding arm awning?

SP verlichting 1

SP verlichting 3

SP verlichting 2

SP verlichting 4

LED strip under cassette

LED strip full arm

Built-in LED spot in elbow

LED in cassette

all folding arm awnings except
B50, B50S,ย B20 / B21

B24 Elite, B25 Elite, B27 Elite,
B35, B38, B50 XL

B24 Prestige, B25 Prestige,
B27 Prestige, B35 Prestige,
B38 Prestige

B50 XL, B50 S