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15 Jul 2021

How to clean your awning: 3 simple steps to make your awning shine again

How do I clean my retractable awning without damaging it? And how often should I clean it? Cleaning your awning can be done very quickly and easily. Follow these 3 steps to get your awning completely clean and summer proof.

Brustor B27 folding arm awnings Brustor B27 folding arm awnings

Which product should I use to clean my articulated awning?

The golden rule: never use corrosive and aggressive products or high-pressure cleaners. These affect the protective coating of the fabric and can cause irreparable damage. You can clean your awning very easily with a gentle, homemade product.

Clean thoroughly your awning in 3 simple steps:

  1. First, try to scrape away as much ( dry ) dirt as possible with a scraper. Use a scraper that does not damage the fabric, like the ones used for car windows. Then sweep the fabric with a brush to remove the dirt between the fibers.
  2. Afterward, clean the awning with a homemade vinegar mixture: mix 60ml of detergent and 125 to 250ml of white vinegar per 4l of water. Apply the product to the fabric and leave for 5 to 10 minutes to soak. Always clean a larger area around the stain as well. Important: when cleaning your canopy, watch out for any stains on your patio. You can always place a protective tarp on the patio.
  3. After applying this recommended solution, always rinse the fabric with water and let it dry. Wait until your fabric is completely dry before rolling it up again. A fabric that is rolled up wet can cause mold.

How often should I clean my awning?

We recommend cleaning 2x a year for best results. This way you make sure your awning always looks good, and extend the lifespan of your awning.

What is the best time to clean my awning?

Be sure to check the weather forecast before getting started. Clean your awning on a dry, but not a too sunny day. The sun can cause the product to dry too quickly, which can result in streaks. At the same time, make sure there is not too much wind and that it is not raining: your awning should be able to dry fully rolled out.

The practical stain guide

Do you have other stains on your awning like bird droppings, paint, mold, or chewing gum? Then check out this practical Sunbrella stain guide. Thanks to this guide, you can find a solution for the most common stains and dirt.

Stain Recommended method
Berries Mix 60ml detergent and 125 - 250ml white vinegar per 4l water

Bird Poop
Ketchup, mustard
Egg (raw)

Mix 60ml detergent in 4l water
Dye Nutrition
Mix 60ml detergent and 70ml vinegar per 4l water
Salad dressing
Shoe polish
Tomato juice
Tree Juice

Put cornstarch on the stain as an absorbent, remove the excess product immediately,

then rinse with 60ml of detergent in 4l of water.

Blood (dry) Mix 60ml detergent and 125-250ml ammonia per 4l water
Vacuum then mix 60ml of detergent with 4l of water
Chewing Gum Behandelen met Isopropyl Alcohol daarna meng 60ml afwasmiddel met 4l water
Chocolate Mix 60ml detergent and 125ml Hydrogen Peroxide with 4l water
Colored pencil Treat with Isopropyl Alcohol, then mix 60ml detergent with 4l water
Nail polish
Treat with Volatile solvent( acetone 100%), then treat with soap and water and rinse thoroughly
Rust Treat with CLR and rinse thoroughly
Mold Mix 60ml Detergent and 250ml Ammonia with 4l water
Wax (candle)

Cover the stain with a towel and iron over it with a hot iron. Then treat with Isopropyl alcohol.
Then mix 60ml of detergent with 4l of water.

Wine Mix 60ml dish soap, 70Ml white vinegar and 125ml - 250ml Isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide per 4l.