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01 Apr 2024

Outdoor Heroes enjoy the sun comfortably from the shade

Brustor is all about outdoor living and living healthy. So, it only makes sense that our slogan is ‘Enjoy the sun comfortably from the shade’. Brustor sun protection solutions treat you to unforgettable good times with family and friends in the shade. Plus, they just look amazing!

Brustor retractable awnings are the solution for creating shade. The housing comes in various shapes and styles for an impeccably stylish finish. Whatever your home's look, you’re guaranteed the perfect awning match. What’s more, the robust articulated arms make extending and retracting your awning a snap. When you turn your patio into a shady haven or shield the indoors from the sun’s harsh rays? It’s up to you! Nothing could be better for spending a fun-filled day outdoors with your mini Outdoor Heroes. Let them run wild in the garden. Meanwhile, you’l be comfortably watching from the shade of your Brustor awning.

And when you whip up something magically delicious for supper, there's no need to head indoors. Choose LED mood lighting built into your awning's arms or housing. Then there’s no limit to how long you can enjoy the outdoors after sunset. That's just one more way to become an Outdoor Hero! 

Brustor retractable awnings are always made to measure. That’s how we provide solutions to every challenge. Whether your home is a traditional or modern build or you've got a modest or sprawling terrace – Brustor is your go-to shading solution. By the way, did you know Brustor retractable awnings are available in three different arm types? There’s nothing like it in the sector! Each type offers different degrees of strength and wind resistance. Find out more here. 

Become an Outdoor Hero to enjoy good times with friends and family in the shade of a Brustor awning.