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Brustor B128 pergola met doekdak
Brustor B128 pergola met doekdak
06 Jul 2022

Pergola or awning? Discover the Brustor B128 and combine the best of both worlds.

The Brustor B128 is a very versatile shading solution that combines the benefits of a pergola with the advantages of an awning. Its minimalistic design, many customisation possibilities and ZIP fabric system make this a top product in our range.

Panoramic view of the garden

The B128 is a slim and elegant pergola awning. The fabric is rolled up electrically and can be operated using a remote control or your smartphone. Thanks to the durable ZIP screen technology, the fabric remains under optimum tension in the guides year after year. The slim structure ensures that the pergola is almost invisible. The B128 is always attached to the house, but does not block the view to your garden. On the contrary, with the fabric fully rolled up, you can enjoy a panoramic view and maximum light in your home.

Brustor B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof Brustor B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof

Personalise to your heart's content

The B128 patio roof can be fully customised to your needs. Thanks to the atmospheric lighting options, you can enjoy a cosy evening outside. Choose dimmable LED lighting in the poles, the side rails or the support beam. A fully automatic, retractable valance on solar energy can be integrated and is the best solution for protection against low sun. Want to block the wind? Then you can choose screens on the sides of your pergola. In addition to all these options, you can also determine the choice of fabric and the RAL colour of the structure, so that the pergola awning fits in perfectly with your home.

Brustor B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof Brustor B128 pergola with retractable fabric roof

Light, robust and water resistant

The B128 is a minimalist, aluminium pergola awning with a sun and water-resistant fabric. The slim structure, the even surface and the minimum gradient of 15cm/m make every drop of rain run off quickly into the integrated drainage system via the support posts. Depending on the drainage, you can adjust the height of the pergola yourself using the adjustable foot.


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