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08 Feb 2024

Project BU: Treating customers to the ultimate in outdoor dining with the B600S retractable louvered roof

Patio covers enhance your restaurant’s outdoor dining experience. And Italian restaurant and pizzeria – the Burggräfler – in Tirol couldn’t agree more.

The owners chose a B600S louvered roof with retractable louvers, extending it with several other modules. In doing so, they provided shade for the entire front patio, significantly boosting their outdoor dining space. What’s more, the Burggräfler went for the ultimate in customer comfort with glass walls*, integrated ZIP screens, LED lighting on and under the drainage system, and patio heating.

The B600S’s louvered roof features S-shaped louvers that rotate and retract. This feature is a huge hit in the hospitality industry because customers still enjoy plenty of natural light, even on cloudy or chilly days. But what if the sun’s out in full force? Easy – just close the roof and adjust the sunlight and ventilation with the rotating louvers.

Customised solutions

Adding integrated ZIP screens gives the pizzeria’s customers greater privacy and, combined with glass walls, provides them with the best possible protection from annoyances like wind or noise from passing traffic.

Brustor is committed to customised solutions. Extendible louvered roofs are an excellent example of this commitment. By connecting multiple Brustor louvered roofs, you can now shade much larger spaces. Pizzeria Burggräfler took this idea and ran with it, even connecting modules of varying lengths. Now, customers can spend the perfect evening comfortably outdoors.

*A third party, not Brustor, supplies the glass in the sliding glass doors. Contact your local dealer for more information.