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24 Apr 2023

Project CA: to valance or not to valance your awning? The choice is yours!

Decisions, valance or not to valance your awning? For this project in West Flanders, the homeowners made things easy on themselves and simply went for both! Two heavenly oases of shade were their reward for choosing the B25 valance and the B50 XL retractable awning.

Brustor sells a wide range of retractable awnings. A distinguishing feature of some is the add-on valance option. A valance is an extra strip of fabric that drops down from the awning’s lead rail to block the low sun.

Several Brustor awnings feature this option. This article snapshots our valance-friendly selection.

Brustor B25 Valance

On the one hand, the homeowners went for the B25 with valance for cosy outdoor dining in the shade; on the other, however, it was to shield their windows from the sun, i.e. to keep the indoors from getting too hot too quickly.

This B25 is the classic Brustor awning, automatically making it one of the range’s most popular choices. The timeless housing comes in a broad palette of RAL colours, perfect for all kinds of homes.

Brustor B50XL Awning

The owners chose the B50 awning to shelter their garden lounge area with shade. This retractable awning collection features a compact, oval design. What’s more, an LED strip can be seamlessly integrated into the housing, illustrated here! This awning is perfect for wall and ceiling mounting thanks to the housing design. For that matter, that also makes it ideal for creating shade in small spaces, e.g. this lounge area.

And that’s your proof that the Brustor range has a solution for just about every situation. These customers had a shopping list of different needs and preferences, so they went for multiple solutions. Head to your local dealer now to find out which awning is best for you!