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02 Jun 2023

Project PE: Experience the ultimate outdoor dining at Pacific Eiland with Brustor’s Twinstor sun protection

Ypres restaurant Pacific Eiland guests have been enjoying the gorgeous shady terrace since 2022. Pacific Eiland chose the Brustor Twinstor to make it happen: two free-standing B25 awnings that can be placed anywhere on the terrace.

Pacific Eiland borders a lake in the heart of Ypres and makes the most of its fabulous location. The restaurant terrace vibe is spring and nothing but. Especially when the sun’s out, enjoying this spot is an irresistable treat. To infuse this space with the right amount of shade, Pacific Eiland went with the Brustor Twinstor.

Shade your way

Twinstor is a unique concept, combining two B25 awnings. This free-standing structure can be set up anywhere in the garden (or, as you see here...on Pacific Eiland’s terrace). No need for walls or mounting. It’s your go-to for shade when and where you want. 

Colour coordinate this sun protection solution with your location so that the housing, fabric, and building all flawlessly match. Add LED lighting and patio heating for even more comfort. Bespoke sun protection is the Brustor standard. 

For restaurant owners who want a shadier terrace but don’t have the option to wall-mount an awning or install a patio cover: the Twinstor is undeniably the perfect solution. And that’s exactly what you see with this terrace.

Still looking for the right solution? Feeling inspired by Pacific Eiland?

Yes, and yes? Just reach out to your local Brustor dealer!