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29 Mar 2022

Project SA: Optimal protection from the sun with solar screens and retractable awnings

Enjoying protection from the sun, both inside and outside? With the combination of screens and retractable awnings, you can enjoy a cool temperature inside and shade outside.

Retractable awnings allow you to control the temperature inside your home on sunny days. Next to being able to enjoy the sun from a shaded patio, you also create a pleasantly cool climate indoors.

Brustor solar screens are highly recommended to keep out the sun on hot days, ensuring your home stays comfortable and reducing glare. Strak over de ramen gespannen geven ze de woning een stijlvolle uitstraling. This wind-resistant shading is ideal for locations without mains power. The battery means you are always assured of sufficient power, even on north-facing façades. As there isn’t any wiring, no demolition work is required. Convenient if you wish to install screens higher up.