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17 May 2024

Retractable awnings compared: the B20, B30, and B50 collections

Brustor showcases the biggest awning selection in the market. We’ve got the perfect solution for every style, application, and set of specifications. Brustor keeps it simple. Our awnings are subdivided into collections, i.e. the B20, B30, and B50 series. Each series is distinguished by its defining technical features and design.

Before anything, you’ve got to decide which technical advantages are a ‘must’ and which are just ‘nice to have’. Your list of ‘musts’ determines the right awning type for you. This article gives you the tools to select the best possible awning for your project. Scan the handy checklist below to make an informed decision.

Awning width and projection

Wide façades call for a B20 series awning or the B35. That’s because these awnings can be extended to shade up to 15 m of terrace. And that’s what makes them a hospitality industry favourite. Some fabrics are available in a single roll for the perfect seamless look.

But an awning’s projection also plays a pivotal role. What is projection? Projection is the length of your awning from the wall to the front frame when fully extended. It affects how much shade you can create. Fully extended, your awning should always provide full shade for your outdoor dining area or lounge.

Brustor’s retractable awnings feature up to three to four metres of projection.

To valance or not to valance?

Brustor’s B25 Elite and Prestige (E&P) and B38 (E&P) series awnings feature an optional manual or motorised valance that disappears without a trace into the front frame. This additional length of fabric provides special protection against low sun, wind, and pesky insects. Valances are perfect for west-facing terraces hit harder by the low evening sun.

The width of your facade and the desired projection are determining factors in your choice of a type of awning The width of your facade and the desired projection are determining factors in your choice of a type of awning

The search for waterproof housing

Our B20 and B50 series come standard with sealed weatherproof housing, ensuring that awning fabric and parts stay in tip-top condition longer. This feature is optional for the B30 collection. At catering establishments, these awnings tend to be installed beneath rain gutters. Consequently, the awning is automatically protected from moisture and dirt from above.

Hang your awning strong

First things first: Site your awning somewhere strong enough to support it. The housing can be wall or flush-mounted.
All collections can be ceiling-mounted, provided the windows and façade are the same height. Building design of this type inherently rules out wall-mounting.

Set the scene with well-placed lighting

Picture how your terrace should be lit ahead of time because the arm type will help make that a reality.

Elite (E) and Prestige (P) arms accommodate integrated in-arm LED strips. What’s more, Prestige arms can be upgraded with LED elbow spotlights. Would you prefer an LED strip in the housing? The B50S or B50XL is your go-to.

Awnings in every shade 

Brustor retractable awnings come in five standard colours. However, for a touch more, you can choose from a generous palette of RAL colours. That extra charge is dropped for discerning buyers of Prestige arms – whatever the colour. Our diverse RAL selection guarantees an awning to flawlessly match your home or restaurant’s style.

Talk this go-to guide’s points over with a licensed Brustor dealer. Find one in your neighbourhood fast with the dealer locator.

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