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Brustor B27 knikarmscherm zonneluifel
Brustor B27 knikarmscherm zonneluifel
29 Aug 2022

Compare awnings: B24, B25, B25 Valance & B27

With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing awnings, Brustor has brought a wide range of awnings to the market. These awnings are divided into families: the B20, B30, and B50 series. Each series has its own strengths in terms of technology and design. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the B20 family with its B24, B25, B25 Valance, and B27 awnings.

What to look out for when choosing an awning?

If you want to install an awning on your terrace, there are a number of criteria to consider:

  • Design of the housing: Does the awning match the architectural style of your home?
  • Width of the awning: Can the awning be placed in the desired width?
  • Shade: Can you create as much shade as you want?
  • Extra options: Do you want specific extra options, such as LED lighting or a specific RAL color?
  • Unique: Which type of folding arm do you want: Standard, Elite or Prestige? (Read more in this article).

Our hat tip? Don't start puzzling yourself, but get advice from an authorized Brustor dealer. Our distributors have years of experience in installing awnings and know better than anyone how to guide you to the right choice, both on a technical and aesthetic level. Are you considering an awning? Contact a Brustor dealer without any obligation. They will be happy to assist you with their advice and a customized quote.

BRUSTOR B35 valance awning BRUSTOR B35 valance awning

Unique in the market: choose between different types of folding arms

Brustor has three different types of folding arms: Standard, Elite, and Prestige. This choice is unique in the industry. The difference lies in the wind resistance and sturdiness. Read more about the different types of arms here.





Max. load of elbow

100 kg alu in casting

105 kg alu in casting

130 kg alu in

Arm height

66 mm

71 mm

73 mm

Thickness of profile

2.5 mm

2.5 mm

3 mm

Wind resistance

Up to 39 km/h

Up to 39 km/h

Up to 49 km/h


B25 & B27

B24, B25 & B27 Elite

B24, B25 & B27 Prestige

The B20 family at a glance

B24 Elite Awning B24 Elite Awning

B24 awning

If you’re looking for an awning that stands rough handling, then the B24 is a good choice for you. Its strength and wind resistance are outstanding, as is the weather resistance of the aluminum components and the quality of the fabric. The awning has an elegant finish with aluminum side plates without visible screws and therefore fits with any architectural style.

Click here for more information and technical details on the B24 awning.

B25 in bloeiende tuin B25 in bloeiende tuin

B25 awning

The B25 is the awning where it all started and it’s still the best-selling awning in our range. And that’s no coincidence. The technology, the design, and the comfort of use are timeless and unequalled. The B25 has a discreet, compact, and completely closed cassette with rounded corners and maximum possibilities in terms of dimensions. After twenty years, this awning is still our showpiece.

Click here for more information and technical details on the B25 awning.

Brustor B25 volant luifel Brustor B25 volant luifel

B25 Valance awning

Our best-selling awning is also available with a retractable motorized valance up to 1.5 meters. It’s the only awning in this family that also comes with a motorized valance. It provides not only extra protection from the low sun but also extra privacy. The best part? It disappears discreetly into the front rail of the awning. Can you tell we are very proud of the B25 Valance?

Brustor B27 awning with integrated lighting Brustor B27 awning with integrated lighting

B27 awning

The B27 is inspired by the successful B25 series, but adapted to the needs of modern housing. The housing has an architectural, clean design, and can be perfectly integrated in the façade. The awning is therefore the architect’s favorite.

Click here for more information and technical details on the B27 awning.

Comparing the B20 family

The characteristics of the B20 family are largely the same. The main difference between these awnings is the design of the housing. And the B25 Valance is the only awning within this family with a motorized valance.

Please note that the following table only lists the minimum and maximum values. The dimensions and options depend on the type of folding arm you choose (Standard, Elite, or Prestige). For more detailed information about each product, we recommend you to consult the product pages on our website or the brochure, or to ask your local dealer.





B25 Valance



Min 2.05 m

Max 14 m

(Linked from 7.01 m)

Min 2.05 m

Max 14 m

(Linked from 7 m)

Min 2.05 m
Max 5.50 m

Min 2.05 m

Max 14 m

(Linked from 7 m)


Min 1.50 m

Max 3.75 m

Min 1,50 m

Max 3.75 m

Min 1.50 m
Max 3 m

Min 1.50 m

Max 3.75 m


Cassette B24 knikarmscherm

Cassette B25 knikarmscherm

Cassette B25 Volant knikarmscherm

Cassette B27 knikarmscherm


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