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08 Oct 2021

Which sun protection should I choose to keep my home cool?

There are many options for protecting your home from the heat. From awnings and screens to outdoor living patio covers. But how do you choose the most efficient sun protection for your home? Discover all the possibilities in this article.

Where do you want to create shade?

The first and most important question to ask yourself is: where do you want to create shade? On the terrace at the house, in a place in the garden, or do you especially want to prevent the sun from penetrating into the house? Based on this question you can already make the first choice.

An awning is mounted on the facade, it provides shade on your terrace and also blocks the sun from entering your house. A patio roof (also called a pergola) can be attached to the house, in this case, the indoor climate also benefits from the shade. This is of course not the case if the pergola is placed freestanding in the garden, for example, next to the swimming pool. Screens are also a popular form of sun protection, but they focus mainly on controlling the temperature inside the house.

Which function is important to you: creating shade or outdoor living?

A second important question to ask yourself is: what do I want to achieve with my sun protection? Just create shade or create an extra outdoor room to live more outside? Each type of awning has its advantages, so it's important to inform yourself well. We try to help you find your way.

Retractable awning: instant shade and control the temperature in the home

Do you want to block out the sun on hot days, but retain maximum light during the darker days? Then an awning is an ideal solution, as it is mounted on the facade. Using two or more arms, the awning is rolled horizontally out of its cassette. This way you can open an awning on sunny days and create instant shade. During a cloudy day, you can slide the awning back into its cassette and enjoy extra light in your home. The cassette remains visible, but the design can be chosen to match the style of the house. There are many types of cassettes available: oval, square, modern, or classic. You are sure to find one that fits your home perfectly. As icing on the cake, you choose the color of the structure and the cloth, whether you opt for an inconspicuous neutral color or a bright and colorful one.

Brustor B27 awning Brustor B27 awning

Pergola: enjoy outdoor living to the fullest

A pergola is a roofing solution for your terrace. You can choose between a fabric roof and a roof with tilting and/or sliding louvers. A fabric roof can easily be closed electrically, while the louvers can be tilted into the desired position. With some models, you can almost slide the slats fully open and enjoy a maximum of light.

Pergolas have recently become very popular because they offer the possibility of living outside with the comfort of indoors. These patio covers can be transformed into a cozy lounge area, dining room, outdoor kitchen, pool house, etc. Lots of possibilities to turn your garden into a cozy and comfortable place to rest. Thanks to additional options such as built-in LED lighting in the louvers or structure and patio heating, you can enjoy your patio until late in the evening. Just like with awnings, you can fully personalize your pergola to suit your needs.

Brustor B600 terrace covering with louvered roof Brustor B600 terrace covering with louvered roof

Screens: keep the heat out of your home

Do you want to keep the heat out of your home? Then it's best to choose screens. Screens are mounted on the inside or outside of your windows and make sure that the sun has no chance to penetrate into your home. However, a screen does not provide shade on your patio, as awnings and pergolas do. An advantage of screens is that you can choose the type of fabric: you can choose a fabric that blocks out the sun and keeps the view of your garden or you can choose blackout screens for a good night's sleep. For new builds or renovations, screens can also be completely built into the house, making them virtually invisible.

Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens ©Caribbean Blinds Brustor sun-resistant ZIP screens ©Caribbean Blinds

Personalize to your wishes

Whether you choose an awning, a screen or a patio roof, there are many possibilities to adapt the style to your home. You can choose the color of the structure as well as the fabric. There are also additional options such as operation via your smartphone, which allows you to easily open or close your awning remotely. If you want to enjoy a cozy evening, you can add LED lighting and patio heating to awnings and pergolas.