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Brustor B300 pergola met vouwdak
Brustor B300 Pergola met doek
16 Nov 2021

How do I prepare my terrace and sun protection for winter?

The cold winter months are approaching quickly. Although it is getting colder outside, the winter days also have their charm and coziness. Fall is the perfect timing to clean up your garden and get it ready for a new season. Discover our tips to make your terrace winterproof.ย 

1. Time for a thorough cleaning

Preparing your patio for the winter means giving it a good clean. Be sure to do this before it freezes to avoid damaging your garden equipment. We recommend storing your garden furniture, barbecue, and other equipment in a safe and dry place before the frosty days. Make sure your furniture is completely cleaned and dry before you do this. It's also best to clean your barbecue once more, so you can enjoy a clean barbecue at the first rays of sunshine. Finally, give your terrace a good scrubbing, because green deposits and wet leaves can become dangerously slippery when it freezes.

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2. Protect your patio roof against frost

Brustor pergolas have built-in frost protection. The protection is switched off as standard, but it is possible to switch this function on to prevent damage to your pergola. In this case, the louvers will open automatically at about 3ยฐ Celsius. This prevents the louvers from freezing together and causing damage when the roof is opened.

Your patio cover needs to be taken care of before the winter. Brustor's aluminium pergolas are very maintenance-friendly, so they don't take much time to clean. Would you like to know more about the maintenance of your pergola? Then read the complete manual here.

Brustor B300 retractable pergola canopy Brustor B300 retractable pergola canopy

3. Protecting your awning from frost

We recommend closing your awning at night so that it is safely stored in its protective case and not exposed to harsh weather conditions. Did you forget to do this or is the fabric wet? Then the fabric should first be allowed to dry completely before rolling it back into its protective case. Rolling up a wet fabric can cause mold. Again, we recommend that you give your awning a good dusting before the frost sets in. All tips and tricks on how to clean your awning can be found in this article.

4. Want to enjoy your outdoor space on the sunny days?

Even in winter and autumn, there are pleasant, sunny days. With the right, warm decorations you can create an ideal winter terrace. Think of blankets, hot chocolate, and cozy winter decoration. Brustor patio covers can be equipped with extra options to create the ideal atmosphere. You can opt for screens, built-in LED lighting, and patio heating. Screens keep out the cold wind, while terrace heating keeps you nice and warm. As icing on the cake, adjusted LED lighting creates the right mood for a comfortable evening.

Do you also want to enjoy every season and not miss the first sunrays of 2022? Then request a free quote today from a dealer near you.