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Brustor Indoor screen

Adjust the position of your pergola, awning, convervatory awning or screen to suit your requirements

Brustor Indoor screen
Brustor indoor screens

Adjust the position of your pergola, awning, convervatory awning or screen to suit your requirements

Brustor Indoor screens



BRUSTOR Indoor screen

Our indoor screen is the ideal sun protection solution for indoor applications. This indoor sunblind can be built into a niche very discreetly and easily mounted by means of two ceiling or wall mounting brackets. The screens are very user-friendly and when they are not in use, you hardly even notice them. When opened, they have a sleek look and you still have a clear view of the garden, whereas you can limit the view to the inside. The screens are very suitable for large windows. The more glass, the more the spaces warm up, but thanks to the indoor screen you prevent overheating. You can also avoid the incidence of sunlight on your TV screen, without darkening the room. We have a wide selection of fabrics and colours available. Moreover, we offer projection screens, which you can use as a cinema screen to project videos onto it with a beamer. 

  • Ideal for large windows
  • Control over the temperature in your home / office
  • Ceiling and wall mounting possible

Technical information

Dimensions housing

90 x 98 mm


Max. 6 m


Max. 6 m



Fabrics come in as many colours as textures

Which makes the design as important as the practical aspect. In addition to its functional purpose, keeping the sun out, the fabric also has a visible function. Thanks to the wide range of beautiful and durable fabrics, you can match the cloth with your personal taste. The fabrics were treated against water and dirt and are always colourfast.




Brustor’s sun protection is equipped with a Somfy motor, which can be easily and remotely operated. Control your sunblinds from your home or on location through your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is even possible to set certain scenarios based on time or temperature, so you always have control over your sun protection even when you are not at home.

Bediening RTS


Control the solar shading with a practical remote control. Operate your terrace roof, awning, conservatory awning or screen to any position, individually or in groups thanks to the different channels to control multiple functions.

Standard colours
ANO 20µm
Brustor white
RAL 7016 textured anthracite grey
RAL 8019 grey brown
RAL 9001 cream
Optional colours
All colors
All RAL colours (with surcharge)

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